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Photos from Reunion volume 1
Photos from Reunion volume 2
Photos From Reunion volume 3
Photos from Reunion volume 4
Photos from Reunion volume 5
Isidore's Family Photos
Isidore and Anne
Isidore and Anne
back:  Addie, Donna, Natalia; front:  Walter, Anne, Isidore, Dennis
5 generations:  Anne Goresky (Paley) and her mother; Walter Goresky, Lynne Vance, Jason Vance
Walt and Carolyn in California, March 2015
Norman's Family Photos
Norman and Pauline in Castlegar at Vickie and Gordons
Norman Gorman (Goresky) and wife Pauline, 1955
Pauline, Norman 25th anniversary, 1957
Nick's Family Photos
Nick in 1945
Nick, Sheila and Betty Goresky
Nicks son, Gary and family
Nicks son Gord
Nick & Sheila Goresky
Pamela (daughter of Gord and Leslie) husband Donald and sons Dallas and Bronsen Slater
Dallas and Bronsen Slater, grandsons of Gord and Leslie
Victor's Family Photos
Olympia's Family Photos
Olympia and husband, John Dzuba
John Dzuba
Lymms son Johnny
L to R: Lymm, Lymms daughter Jeannie and Nick at Jeannies graduation.
Olympias daughter Jeanie and Larry Krawchuk
Olympia and daughter Jeanie on her wedding day
Johnny (Lymms son), Alana, Allan & John Dzuba
Allan's Family Photos
Jean's Family Photos
Victoria's Family Photos
L to R: Gordon, Craig, Victoria & Daryl
Allan, Alana, Vicky & Gordon
Darryl & Craig 1959
Craig, Gordon, Darryl & Vicky
Eustafiewich Family Photos
Group photos, others
The farm at Stonewall
Gary, Gordon, Sheila, Nick; Juoy, Bonnie Goresky
Vickie, Allan, William Gora, Betty Goresky; Darryl and Craig Pettitt, Kelvin, Gary, Judy Gordon
Isidore, Victor, William Gora, Nick, Norman; Vickie, Olympia, Allan, Jean
Isidore, Victor, Gora, Nick, Norman
Vicky Lym, Allan, Jean
May 1953
Group photo of some of the Goreskys
LtoR: Sheila, Norman, Jean, Nick & Allan